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The results of interaspects that are 72 or degrees are very complicated and require almost a whole new book to understand. The All degree Aspects selection does just what you would think displays all inter aspects that are multiples of 30 degrees: 0, 30, 60 This is the option that is automatically set when you first load AstroGeometry. AstroGeometry The Magi Society The 45, 90, , and degree aspects are what are commonly known as hard aspects-clashes plus semiclashes. The purpose is to help you find Combined Planetary Geometry. Finally, notice that most selections on the Select Line Angles drop-down menu have a hotkey or 2-key hotkey combination.

This provides a second method of changing which aspects are displayed without accessing the drop down menu. These are shortcuts so you can quickly change the chartwheel display. Following is a list of the angles displayed by the various hotkeys Function keys or hotkey combinations:. The F keys just listed affect the chart lines and data displayed in grids in all data modes.

This removes the default check mark and you will see the chart without any aspect lines at all! AstroGeometry allows you to select any one of seven data modes. Each mode is designed to provide you with the type of astrological information that you want and need in order to make the most accurate analysis. This is a handy feature of the AstroGeometry program: to view the data grids you may also place a check mark in the box labeled Show Grids in the lower part of the right hand data entry area. This feature allows you to turn on or turn off data grids when needed without using the Aspects drop down menu.

To view date and time data in the Data Grids check off the Exact box. This is essential when you want to know when a transiting aspect is exact. Check Show Grids to allow the Data Grids to pop up. The first, the Longitude Data Grid window, shows the data associated with longitudinal natal aspects.

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The label on the grid will read Declinations. If you own the heliocentric upgrade, then Latitudes can be displayed when a heliocentric chart is chosen and the label will read Latitudes. Since the same windows open up, you may wonder Whats different? The answer to that is the TYPE of data displayed in the windows.

These choices calculate and display the aspects that exist between the planetary positions for the date and time entered in the Natal section and those for the date and time entered in the Transit section. The Transits part of the choice label refers to Transits, which occur at a particular time, to the planetary positions of a Chart Person. The grid in this window gives the positions of the midpoints of the planets for the Chart Person whose birth date is entered in the Natal section of the Main Screen.

The last 2 columns, Helio and Lat may be blank. If you purchased the helio upgrade they will contain data. If you first display clashes and then display linkages, or vice versa, you will notice changes in the Magi AstroChart Graphics Area. This gives you a visual presentation of the difference. First, with Pure Linkages selected, bring up the two Data Grid windows using the Aspects drop-down menu and sub-menu as described previously.

Remember, the Show grids box must be checked in the data entry area. Look at the Longitude Data Grid window. See the next screenshot. The data grid windows will show the data dependent upon the type of aspects chosen in the Select Angle menu. The first row of the data grid in this window should show the transiting Venus natal Neptune linkage. When the Selection window closes down, bring up the Longitude Data Grid window again.

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This time the first row should list the transiting Sun square natal Sun square. This is telling you that their Suns are square to each other. When you have finished examining this window, return your settings to the All Linkages selection. Each contains 7 identically-named columns which contain essentially the same types of information.

They differ mainly in which aspects can appear. If you have purchased the heliocentric upgrade, then there is another difference WHICH planets can appear. If it is Geocentric, then Earth cannot appear. If for the Heliocentric Dimension, then the Sun and Moon cannot appear. How can you tell if the Grids are for the Geo. If for the Heliocentric, the heading will.

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Again, this only applies if you have purchased the heliocentric upgrade. Now, lets look at each column in greater detail. The first column simply lists the number of the interaspect so the first column vertically downward will always read 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. The second and fourth columns list the names of the planets that form the interaspect and the third column contains the angle of the interaspect, such as , and The planet for the Connected Person, whose birth date was entered in the Transit sub-area of the Data Entry Area of the Main Screen, is listed in the second column labeled Tr ; and the planet for the Chart person, whose birth date was entered in the Natal sub-area of the Data Entry Area of the Main Screen, is in the fourth column.

In this example, Steve Allen is the Connected Person with his planets listed in the Tr column and Jayne Meadows is the Chart Person with her planets listed in the natal column. The fifth column, labeled Deg Sep degree of separation lists the number of degrees the interaspect is from being exact. An aspect that is exact has 0 degrees of separation. This column also contains either the letter a or the letter s. The a means that the aspect is approaching or it is becoming more exact and the amount of separation is growing smaller.

An s means that the aspect is separating it is becoming less exact and the amount of separation is growing. The sixth column tells you the number of days since or until the interaspect will be exact.

The last column gives the date and time when the aspect was or will be exact. Exact data is not needed for chart comparisons between two people.

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NOTE: When using an actual Transit date and time, all the data in columns 5 through 7 are very useful. However, when the birth date entered in the Transit area of the Main Screen is for a person for the purpose of creating an interpersonal CAC, then the only information in those three columns that is useful is the degrees of separation found in column 5. Continuing with the listing of the Longitudinal interaspects, the second row tells us that Steves Venus column 2 is 0.

Always look for a scroll bar on the right side of the Data Grid windows if one exists, then there are more interaspects than can be displayed at one time in the window. Row 1 displays an interaspect between Steves Sun and Jaynes Vesta.

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In the column labeled Asp we find the symbol for parallel two forward slashes as opposed to backslashes. The top of a forward slash is farther to the right than its bottom; the top of a backslash is farther to the LEFT than its bottom. Thus, row 1 tells us that Steves Sun is parallel to Jaynes Vesta. The symbol for contraparallel looks like the symbol for parallel except that there is a horizontal line running through the middle of it. If there had been such a line then the interaspect would have been a contra-parallel. Select Natal Aspects from the Aspects drop-down menu.

The Data Grid that appears is nearly identical to the one that appears for Data Mode 8.

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The only difference is that Column 2 is labeled natal instead of Tr. Note that Click on the word natal at the top of the column to sort the planets in the natal column or click on the words Deg Sep to sort by how close or far apart aspects are. Thus, you can view the interaspects in order of approaching vs.

This is a very handy feature! Natalization is the name we gave to the theory that when anything happens for the first time, that thing is born and has a birth chart; the key is that the astrological energy of the moment of time of birth is retained. Of course this is especially true about the birth of a person. The astrological energy of the moment a person is born is retained by that person for a lifetime.

We think that this is why interaspects work. The astrological energies of two persons are interacting in their relationship and the results are predictable. Now let us take this a step further. Every day, as the planets move in the sky and create new alignments, the planets in the sky also are signs of the astrological energy of the moment.

When a planet creates a transit, the transit creates a result very similar to the energy of the same interaspect that occurs with a person. In other words, when a person was born with Jupiter in say 12 degrees of Aries, and that persons Jupiter forms a Jupiter-Chiron Golden Linkage with a Connected Person, then the results of the Golden Linkage are very similar to the results of a transit that would occur whenever Jupiter is in 12 degrees of Aries. In other words, there is remarkable similarity between a transit and an interaspect. For this reason, AstroGeometry is designed so that transits are treated in the same way as interaspects are.

With the AstroGeometry program, you can calculate transits by entering date and time information into the Transit portion of the Data Entry Area of the Main Screen. An example will show you exactly how to do this.

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  • Let us find out what Clintons transits were on November 5, , the day he won the presidential elections. Clinton was born at A. CST on August 19, Enter this info in the Natal section of the Data Entry Area. You can use 12 P. Make sure the Exact checkbox is checked and press the Recalculate button to make the new date active. You will see that row seven lists this transit - Chiron Jupiter. The sixth column of the listing tells us that the transit was exact The exact date and time of the peak of the transit is listed in the last column if you have put a checkmark in the Exact box on the data entry box.

    This was a Golden Transit and corresponds nicely with the fact Clinton peaked in the polls just three days before the election. You will now see, in the lower left part of the Graphics Area, that there is a red Chiron that is almost exactly on Clintons natal Jupiter, the black Jupiter in This is a remarkably powerful transit. In fact, our website explains that this is a Cinderella Transit and a Golden Transit. AstroGeometry The Magi Society The sixth column of the listing tells us that the transit was exact The most helpful symmetrical patterns are the ones that are created by connecting only degree type aspects, and this is exactly what the F5 filter does.

    With this filer, you can see symmetrical patterns within all the lines that are drawn.