Compatibles con taurus signos

Cancer gives Taurus the safety and stability they need so that, in their own time, they can awaken their senses and spread their entire connection arsenal over the table that is, over the bed. Cancer finds it hard to break their shell, but no one other than the patient and attentive Taurus can create that much needed space of trust.

Your bed compatibility if you're Taurus

Cancer, on the other hand, won't be too demanding to Taurus, and that's the perfect condition to make the bull find, slow and steady, new spaces for sexual innovation and evolution. LEO July 23 - August The word that defines the Taurus-Leo pair in bed is chemistry. Venus gives Taurus great sensuality, while fire turns Leo into a passionate, heated lover. They both rule the art of love and seduction in their own way: Taurus does it in the area of sensory experiences, and Leo on the field of domination.

Expressed more graphically, Taurus will awaken the lion inside their lover by stimulating their erogenous areas in the most irresistible way, and once Leo is unleashed, they will submit the fearful, restrained Taurus to dangerous, breathtaking, irresistible domination. Leo will want drive, but they will be patient towards stimuli; Taurus will want to leave, but won't be able to.

Your chances for success in bed, as in love, between Taurus and Virgo are mighty high. Your compatibility towards your Virgo partner is perfect: you will both enter a game of glances and seemingly innocent giggles but revealingly provocative, until one of you takes the first step and both of your desires come true.

How compatible are you and your partner based on your horoscopes?

Although you might feel pretty comfortable in foreplay, because of Venus' influence, Taurus needs to take the lead to stimulate Virgo, who tends to be more reflective and analytical because of Mercury's influence, calculating risks and the room for safety. When they're in your grounds, they'll take you to perfection.

The key is that the earthy side of Taurus will help hold down Libra's volatile, abstract element, which tends to get lost in abstraction. You're both romantic, but while Taurus stays put in the touch-based terrain, Libra raises high to the heavens of intellect. One wants to touch, kiss, lick, look and eat; the other wants to talk, negotiate and connect from a rational point of view and the exchange of ideas.

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Taurus needs to take the lead and make Libra feel wanted. One of the most compatible signs in bed for Taurus, if not the most compatible, is Scorpio.

Signos compatibles con virgos en la cama

But in this case, Taurus needs to take a more passive, secondary role: allow the other to take the lead. It's so hard to know what Scorpio wants, that sometimes obsessing with the idea of sorting it out makes you lose all your energy. Instead, you should just enjoy the unique experiences offered in bed by the most sexual sign of the horoscope. Their fame isn't unsuccessful at all: Scorpio satisfies Taurus' need to get lost in the sensory pleasures of foreplay, and to make sex last forever in an abstract time and space beyond penetration.

Instead, the complete opposite happens with Taurus and Sagittarius.

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The bull needs to feel, touch and experience sensations, while the centaur is more prone to elevate pleasure spiritually. Where Taurus wants a space for tradition and safety, Sagittarius can only offer the boost of freedom and improvisation. The results are horrid: Taurus feels out of place, insecure, uncomfortable; Sagittarius can see Taurus as a barrier pushing against their needs and take them to boredom and demotivation.

The challenge for both is that the patient and generous Taurus should find a way to awaken Sagittarius' compassion and sensitivity. The bull and goat have a great challenge ahead in bed, but it's passionate and bound to succeed. They both share trust: they're earth-based elements with the same spirit, the same needs and the same sense of understanding. However, Capricorn is a distant, introvert loner, which can play against the tender, communicative, gregarious Taurus.

Their challenge will then be to awaken the passion of comfort-ridden Capricorn, who will try hard to satisfy their lover once they're in the game. Here's something important: propose new games to play, stimulate them, get them out of their comfort zone. There's a great advantage when Aquarius and Taurus meet in bed.

No matter how sociable they seem, Aquarius needs great connection to open up to love and sex, and Taurus is unique in that sense. They're the zodiac sign who can stimulate Aquarius the best to get started in sex; once that's done, Aquarius offers Taurus boldness and experimentation, the pleasure behind every risk, so the bull only needs to give in to the Aquarius experience. One's touch-based, the other is traditional. In order to ensure a good relationship, you both have to be pragmatic and overcome differences Pisces might be shocking for Taurus in many areas. Especially so because Taurus needs to feel a firm ground under their feet, and the fish offers nothing but an abyss, the great void of the universe.

Full of magic, yet unstable. The compatibility between you is low, and it requires plenty of work with understanding and concessions.

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Aries marks the beginning of the zodiac world and is the first sign of the astrological chart. The Ram is its symbol. It is a Cardinal Fire sign. These individuals are optimistic, powerful, ambitious, and self-assured.

Taurus zodiac sign is symbolized by the Bull. It is a Fixed Earth sign. Those born under it are secure, strong, steadfast, and sensuous individuals. These two signs are next to each other of the zodiac and mark the beginning of the. Hence, both have a unique sense of youthfulness and energy in their personalities, as they represented birth and early childhood due to their positioning amongst the signs.

This is why, they have an understanding of each other and can connect on an innate level. Both Aries and Taurus are powerful and strong-willed, albeit in their own ways. Aries is ruled by Mars, while Taurus is ruled by Venus. These two planets always make for a beautiful romantic couple. However, differences are aplenty between the Ram and the Bull. They are not naturally compatible with each other, and if they do want the relationship to work for the long haul, they need to be willing to invest in each other and their bond. Aries zodiac is a vibrant and vivacious soul, while Taurus is relatively stable.

The Bull does not like too much noise, but is willing to provide the Ram with support to shine and rise. This adds a beautiful sort of balance to their relationship and makes it a valuable entity for both Taurus and Aries.


Aries is an intense lover. Taurus is a sensuous soul. Hence, their bond is extremely passionate and will feel thrilling to them both at every step along the way. Their physical intimacy will be high and the chemistry they build with each other will bring them closer. Taurus will be attracted to the confidence and charm of the Ram. On the other hand, the Arian will be drawn by the quiet power and ceaseless ambition of the Taurean personality.

If they manage to strike the right chord, this is a combination that can go the distance. Aries has inborn leadership qualities. However, that can turn into a controlling trait from time to time. The Taurean, who hates being ordered around by other people, will find this extremely hard to take. The Ram always wants to be right. Hence, the arguments in this horoscope compatibility will not be mild and subtle. Instead, they will flow of the handle and can reach an ugly level pretty soon.

Aries has a fiery temper and while Taurus is patient enough, if the latter goes out of control, it combusts into rage. This makes it even more difficult for this pair to have a constructive disagreement. This Aries and Taurus love match compatibility work if both the sides are ready to adjust to each other on some basic fronts and to have a leash over their negative qualities. If and when they manage to do that, the Aries and Taurus compatibility will soar through the skies, without a care in the world!

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