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Sal reveals to Janine that she and her sister, Peggy were involved in pole dancing for the gangland in the s. Janine couriers a huge photo of Peggy pole-dancing to ruin her political campaign. Peggy is humiliated and everyone finds out about her past. Sal attends Peggy's hen night later in the month and following Peggy's wedding to Archie in April and the startling revelations that follow, Sal takes Peggy back to her home with her to escape Archie.

Peggy returns home the following week but after feeling let down by Phil who won't kill Archie, she goes away on holiday with Sal to the Bahamas. They snoop around and find an engagement ring. On 17 December , she arrives at The Queen Vic as it is her 70th birthday. Everyone forgot, but the family tell her of a special lunch in her honour in the community centre, which is actually a Christmas lunch event to try to raise money for the debt-stricken Mitchells.

She complains about the food and tells another diner she hopes there will be entertainment.


When the diners demand entertainment, she helps out by performing her fire eating routine. She later accidentally reveals that Ronnie is pregnant. In November, she arrives uninvited for Ronnie and Jack's wedding. In April , Ronnie goes missing, after she becomes depressed.

Sal rings Roxy to let her know that Ronnie is with her. Sal appears when Roxy and Jack come to talk to Ronnie and take her home. Sal returns again in November , when she turns up uninvited for Roxy's hen party, before her wedding to Alfie Moon Shane Ritchie. Sal rudely expresses her doubts about Alfie and marriage in general, stating that women in the Mitchell family are cursed when it comes to love. She then attends the wedding, but moments after Roxy and Alfie are married, Alfie realises that he is still in love with his ex-wife, Kat Moon Jessie Wallace.

Scalability is the ability of the system to sustain increasing workloads by making use of additional resources, and therefore, in contrast to elasticity, it is not directly related to how well the actual resource demands are matched by the provisioned resources at any point in time. Scalability is a prerequisite for elasticity, but it does not consider temporal aspects of how fast, how often, and at what granularity scaling actions can be performed.

Cloud systems automatically control and optimize resource use by leveraging a metering capability at some level of abstraction appropriate to the type of service e. Resource usage can be monitored, controlled, and reported, providing transparency for both the provider and consumer of the utilized service. Software as a Service SaaS : consumers can use applications from various client devices.

They have no control on the underlying cloud infrastructure network, servers, operating systems, storage Platform as a Service PaaS : consumers can deploy and control their applications, but not the underlying infrastructure Infrastructure as a Service IaaS : consumer has control over operating systems, storage, and deployed applications; and possibly limited control of select networking components e.

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SaaS: Analogy to electricity Slide from O. IaaS: Analogy to housing Rent the house, but yet have to furnish it, make electricity and gas contracts wires and pipes are already there , etc… A. Back to IT: who manages what A. Public cloud- open use by the general public on the premises of the cloud provider Private cloud- exclusive use by a single organization may exist on or off premises Hybrid cloud- the composition of two or more distinct cloud infrastructures private, community, or public bound together by technology that enables data and application portability Community cloud- exclusive use by a specific community from organizations that have shared concerns 4 deployment models of CC A.

Altogether Figure taken from: K. Cloud benefits A.


Cloud challenges A. From Wikipedia Cloud testing is a form of software testing in which web applications use cloud computing environments a "cloud" to simulate real-world user traffic. From Wikipedia Types of testing supported Cloud testing is a form of software testing in which web applications use cloud computing environments a "cloud" to simulate real-world user traffic. The term is in fact used by researchers and vendors to mean different things: Cloud testing A. The term is in fact used by researchers and vendors to mean different things: A. Testing of the cloud: i. Testing in the cloud: the cloud is leveraged to perform software, Cloud testing A.

Testing in the cloud: the cloud is leveraged to perform software, or, of course, C. Testing of cloud in the cloud Cloud testing A. Gao, X. Testing of the Cloud dimensions Iyer, G. Murugesan and I. Iyer, G.

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Security is among the greatest concerns and challenges for cloud-based applications. Testing of the Cloud dimensions Cloud-based applications are designed to work across any platform and device.

So compatibility testing needs to be performed for browser compatibility, platform compatibility, and device compatibility. In addition many cloud-based solutions support multiple languages and cultures, and hence localization l10n and internationalization I18N concerns must also be addressed for all supported markets. APIs are direct links between the client code and the infrastructure, hence to test them one might need to develop a client shell, write sample programs to invoke such APIs and then verify the output generated by such APIs. Further, APIs need to be tested for different types of user loads and security attacks.

Under a multi-tenant environment, APIs should also be tested to make sure that tenants are isolated from each other through the APIs. Live testing refers to testing how the system performs when an upgrade or a migration or a disaster happens. It includes live upgrade testing, testing the robustness of the platform to disasters, measuring recovery time and self-healing ability in case of disaster.

Leveraging cloud resources for testing Testing problems Cloud benefits High number of tests Many parallel executions Large investments Possibility to exploit resources and pay for them only when needed Configuration testing Virtualization supports many different configurations The idea is exploiting cloud potential to address the king problem of testing, which is its high cost Riungu, O. Taipale and K. Mahmood, S.

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Saeed Ed. The testing activities are done and controlled by the organization. Users do not need to acquire and maintain the test infrastructure, and can select the testing requirements. Users choose the desired configuration and can use real data and traffic for load and perf. Cloud testing models P. Robinson, C. Cloud Computing Technology and Science, Athens, , pp.

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